EliteFts Power Racks


2 Custom Deadlift Platforms


EliteFts Competition Bench
EliteFts Competition Benches



Titan Reverse Hyper



Legend Fitness Cable Crossover


Dumbells up to 150lbs


Strongman Training Equipment





-2 Monolifts including an Elitefts Monolift, EliteFts Power Racks, Competition Benches and Isometric Leg Press

-Texas Monster Squat Bar

-Titan Reverse Hyper and Belt Squat

-2 Deadlift Platforms with Texas Deadlift Bars. Wagon wheel plates for 18″ deadlifts.

-Legend Fitness cable crossover with Lat pull down and Seated Row

-Multiple Specialty Bars: 2 Bamboo Earthquake Bar, 2 Safety Squat Bars, Spider Bar, 3 Football Bars, 3 Buffalo Bars, 2 Cambered Squat Bars, Texas Squat Bars, Texas Power Bars.

-Dumbells up to 150lbs

-Strongman equipment including a Titan Yoke, Atlas Stones up to 280lbs, Farmers Carry, 2 Logs-70lbs and 140lbs, Tires up to 775lbs and Hercules Hold, Sled, and various chains